Funkules by nature, I'm a Londoner born and bred & a force to be reckoned with.

After many years as a jobbing actor & singing & playing instruments all my life,I wrote my first song,too late, in 2000 - finally realising that you can be autonomous as a singer/songwriter.

I’ve been on an eclectic musical journey: My 1st band HERCULES delivered soulful rock with a retro vibe. My 2nd band The Easy Tigers gave alt-jungular r&b countrydelica. A 2nd album offered piano driven storytelling with full band & Memphis Horns inspired horns (prod. & arr. by me.) 

As a lyricist, my strength is an ability to inhabit the mind of the protagonist,to speak the unspoken,to draw in the listener. Sometimes darkly humorous, every song I write is infused with experience & raw emotion.  Musically & lyrically,I draw on wells as deep as Joni, Aretha, Otis, Kate, Tom.

The Impossible Dream EP 2018 brought a darker, punchier feel through collaboration with among others, producer Arthur Pingrey and Love Hangover EP, with paired back instrumentation bathes the listener in layered, panned vocals & a wash of guitars to chill to.

Since then I've been exploring Nu Disco, Funky House, Pop Rock - the sonic options are endless… 

The truth is key. Be true to yourself and others and the rest will fall into place.

Take a walk, the lyrics will flow. Get in touch if you'd like a song

Hercules’ storytelling and delivery suggests that Joni Mitchell may have been a formative influence, but the songs feel original and personal. Major labels spend a lot of cash promoting lesser acts – so take a listen.”

— Guitar & Bass Review