I'm playing tomorrow, December 14th, in Camden at my friend's show

Modern Girl 1895 

Dec 14 2018 19:30 - 21:45 

London Irish Centre, 50-52 Camden Square, NW1 9XB London 

Hello all,  I will be playing some tunes as part of my friend's storytelling evening tomorrow night - please join us! 

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Join award winning storyteller Cathianne Hall as she brings alive the stories behind the leading ‘agony column’ of the 1890s. Discover the hidden women’s history of 52 Camden Sq at 52 Camden Sq in the very room it happened… Meet real Victorian women with real issues, real ambitions and real lives - many of which still echo our own. 

Plus! Vintage beauty tips and recipes, Victorian refreshments, prizes to be won from the Victorian bazaar, special guests and as it's Dec it's all done with a Christmas Twist! 

All proceeds to : MY BODY BACK PROJECT http://www.mybodybackproject.c... 

Cathianne Hall is a magician with words and images - The Scotsman 

Pitch perfect; storytelling of great charm and subtlety - Camden Voyeur 

She has a superpower to make you believe every word she says - Happy Audience Member 


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